Meaning of vidaan

Thus the name, Vidaan! Though we still think that Vidaan’s aim and intention is just the starting and to provide a justification to the same is something that can only be done in the coming future with its Karmas.

VIDAAN- Branding House

Since Vidaan is a name in the making, we wanted all the V I D A A N characters to be in the logo symbol and display the character of all of them uniquely. Alongside, we also wanted to have one important aspect of our attitude to reflect in the logo, a fast growing attitude! A fast growing attitude, we would like to provide our esteemed customers and also derive for ourselves. And to reflect the same, an upward and forward direction ARROW came much close to our imagination and rational thinking. Hence after a lot of time and creation. we came up with this logo. If you observe carefully, the VIDAAN logo has all the characters displayed in it plus a forward and upward directional arrow and when they say God favors those who work for themselves, it was true in this case too. We got a perfect Bow along with the Arrow to launch it into future!


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