“Home Page” as Cover Page of a Book

How do you choose a book, if you are given a chance to pick one randomly without hearing about it? Normally, if you are not an avid reader, you will go with the looks of a book’s cover page. Not just for books, but this is applicable in every walk of life, be it a person, a dress, a house or any other thing. It is said that “well begun is half done”.



In the current scenario, people give much thrust on websites, which acts as an encyclopedia about the company, individual or any other venture. Other than utility, people get attracted to the appearance first; and the later behavior of web visitors depends upon the quality of the service that particular site provides. Looks can be deceptive; however, for an Vidaan website design company, looks and feel of your home page can change the dais. Hence, the design of the first page or the home page is very important. It should act like a honeycomb that attracts hundreds of bees.



Why is a website home page so important?

As an online merchant, your job is to attract customers, and nothing can get attention more effectively than a well-constructed homepage. People choose a visually appealing template or a customized version, and place proper images in that. Here, you have to be very careful in picking up images. Go for professional high quality photographs, instead of low quality ones.

It should not be limited just in the looks, but should be able to provoke your thinking. It has to be a comfort zone for visitors to make their choice. The most important thing is not to make the visitors irritated by the site. Say directly what you want to project. It also radiates the vision and core work values.

Features of a good home page

  • Always Welcome New Guests: Your priority should always be new comers, as only they can be the customers. Here, you have to give a brief introduction about yourself, your area of operation, your specialization, your mode of working, your specialty etc. At the same time, treat your return visitors well as they deserve.
  • Stunning, but Simple Page Design: The website home page design should be good and effective that appeals the visitors. It does not mean that it should be crammed with unnecessary images. Relevant photos at appropriate places serve the purpose. There should be logo, relevant links, tools and content. It should not be crowded with a basket of information that drives away the web users. You can give crisp content without beating around the bush. Keeping simplicity as the key point here.

  • Diffusion of Core Work Values: This page stays as the epitome of your values and other theme you want to highlight. You have to be sure about the points you want to incorporate here. You cannot write on anything and everything, if you are dealing with something specific.

Many studies have revealed that home page is the most viewed page of a website. Most people dive into the entire website only if they are not satisfied with the content or any other display in the home page. As web users act like wild animals, you have to make the home page ready for them to swallow the data with the most relevant things. It actually acts as a cover page of a book. Just by looking at the beauty of the site, many people come to your site, and it is your job to treat them well.


This article says about the importance of homepage, and the things you have to follow while designing a home page. It has compared the home page to the cover page of a book. Both function similarly. As the way people get attracted to anything good looking, it is the job of the designer to exploit that tendency. The article talks about some of the features of a good home page.

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